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Friday, April 26, 2013

First Harvest of the 2013!


The vegetable are starting to come in!  Yesterday, Te-Man and I picked the first radish of the year!  I am so blessed that I get to share this amazing time with my kids and teach them about gardening and how exciting it is to pick your dinner from your yard! :)

I had him help me pull it, wash it.....

He wasn't so sure at first....

But we sat down and I took a bite and then he said "Eat it?" and got after it. :)

He even went back for more - I bet he ate 2/3 of it.
Then yesterday afternoon we were up in my bedroom making my bed after I'd washed the sheets and he looked out the window and pointed to the garden and said, " it?".  :)  YAY!

I know I owe you all pictures of the garden - it just seems like I always have something to do instead and when I finally get around to it, it's too late in the day and the shadows make the lighting terrible.

Will try this afternoon!

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