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Thursday, February 7, 2013

American Cheese - Challenge 2013 Recipe #5

I can not recall the last time I purchased American Cheese.  I do love it, but I'm just so leary of the weird chemicals.

Do you remember the old commercials about how Velveeta melts better than Cheddar?  That has been the story of my life for the past 8-9 years.  I LOVE buying organic cheese, the taste is unparalleled and the peace of mind is worth every penny.  But, it just doesn't melt the same way those chemical filled blocks of cheese do.

To give you an example, I tried to make some Gringo Dip from 54th Street Grill (only my favorite dip of all time) and the most horrific mishap of all time caused the cheese to literally take on the texture and taste of clams.  I actually cried....I have never attempted to make it again - I don't think I could take the disappointment. :)

Well, all of your melting worries can....wait for it.....melt away. HAHA

This cheese tastes fantastic and it melts perfectly! I am so excited to have it in my repertoire and lucky for you, this recipe is posted online!! :)

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