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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hooded Scarf? Yes Please!!!

You know how my middle name is procrastination....well - here were are 4 days before Halloween and we are just now working on costumes.  Ze-Ra has decided she wants to be a Ninja.  Easy costume!!!  Black shirt, check.  Black pants, check.  Black shoes, kinda check.  She has some shoes with black on them, but I'll have to make a felt slip cover for them.  No problem.  Black Mask, check.  Ninja swords, half check.  I'm going to take some of those wooden sticks I got to turn into garden markers and spray paint them black.  Black Hood....nope.  Gonna have to make one.  No problem!  I saw this amazing post for a hooded scarf over on Baby Center the other day and I have been dying to make one (or 7).
So, I took a bit of microfleece that hadn't yet been turned into a diaper and whipped up a hooded ninja scarf for Ze-Ra.

What You Need:
Length and Width of your favorite Scarf
Your favorite hoodie hood

What You Do With It:
Fold your fleece in half, right side in.

Using your favorite scarf as a guide, trace and cut out your scarf with the fold of the real scarf on the fold of the fleece.

Using your favorite hoodie hood as a guide, trace and outline approximately an inch away from your hoodie, and then cut out your hood  

Sew the top and back of your freshly cut hoodie together.
Fold the front (face area) of your new hoodie to the inside about a half inch (doesn't have to be exact), pin if you desire, and sew all the way around the face of the hoodie to create a hem.
Open up your scarf, and place it right side up.  Open up your hood, and place it right side down on top of the scarf.  Line up the bottom edge of the hood with the edge of the scarf.  Pin if desired.  Sew the hood to the scarf (right sides together).
TA DA!  

 I started at 1030 and between dodging the Te-Man and sips of my coffee, I finished just before 1050.  Not bad for a first time making an item!  It's now 1130 and Ze-Ra hasn't taken it off. :)

Now...since that took less than 20 minutes, I guess I have extra time to go online and search for some microfleece for more hoodie scarves!!! :)

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