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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


That pretty much sums up last week here in the Land of Honey. 

Te-Man and I went to a local pumpkin patch in search of some Pie Pumpkins.  I sure am glad we didn't find any, because while looking around for a suitable replacement, I did find the NC Candy Roaster and the Jarrahdale Pumpkin.  These two amazing pumpkins will be a part of our menu this fall and by saving the seeds, we can have them next year too!  We also picked up a goose-neck and a swan-neck gourd to plant next year.  Hopefully we can make some bird houses next fall!

As you can see, I got a little excited about those candy roasters and I cut one up before I got a picture of the group. Just use your puzzle piece generator and put that one on the cookie sheet back together. :)

Those candy roasters were each 10lbs! I think pumpkins and squash might be the one thing I am most excited about growing next year.  And I have a serious obsession with tomatoes, so that's saying a lot.  

I thought the gooseneck looked like a snake with that amazing curly stem. 

Meeting up with Super Mom and Super Dad this past weekend in Tennessee was AMAZING as I expected.  I did not expect to come home with a ton of beautiful pumpkins.  Their neighbor grows and sells them.  Super Mom picked these out just for us and she did great!  Please excuse the horrible landscaping in our rental house - give me some time people! ;)

Swanneck in it's natural habitat. 

Think the gooseneck is holding back the jar frankenstein?  

Aha - the jarrahdale! 

Orange and white

My frankenstein creation with some awesome turbins. 

 My little pumpkin man :) 

Black Beauty - the only pumpkin I've named in my entire life.  I am almost dreading cutting her open to get the seeds so I can have more of these next year! 

Just wait till you see how the Candy Roasters turned out! 

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