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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Melon Balling Skills = :(

So, I'm not sure if you've seen posts for these beautiful little mini caramel apples.  I've seen them everywhere and I decided that my family needed them!
Well, this time, I decided to actually read the ENTIRE recipe before I got started (novel idea I know).  Uh I have a melon baller?  Not that I know of - I've never "melon balled" anything.  Well I got to searching because you never know what could be lurking in the drawer of weird kitchen tools that never gets used.  Ah Ha! I think I found one...or maybe it was a cookie dough scoop - I've never used one of those either.  Oh should work....I think....

What's In It:

What To Do With It:
What kind of skewers?  I used shish-ka-bob sticks that I cut in half.  Maybe sucker sticks or fancy what ya feel.

How many apples you ask, well that depends on your melon balling skills.  Mine are terrible, embarrassing really, so it took me 4 apples.  But the original site says you should be able to get 6-8 apple balls out of one apple.  Not sure if they are using super freak mutant apples or I am just not being hard enough on myself.

I used 3 little bags of caramel flavored chemicals from Target.  I couldn't find a big bag and I hated the fact that I was buying the stuff in the first place, so I just grabbed and dashed.

Coat the inside of your pan with a thin layer of butter and then melt the caramels slowly over super low heat.  I actually have a melt setting on my stove, so I used that.
While the caramel is melting, give your melon baller a try.  There was cursing during this step, so it's a good thing Te-Man was asleep. :)
Place the apple balls into lemon juice, toss, and set aside.  I skewered each apple ball with a stick, be sure to skewer through the skin side.  At this point, I cut off a bit from the bottom of each apple ball to make it flat so they didn't roll all around my plate.  Dry each ball really well before dipping into the caramel.

The caramel will not stick if the apple is too wet.  Or in my case, wouldn't stick to the apples at all. :(  So, I just did the next best thing, line them all up on the plate and poor the caramel on top!! :)

Oh...and then the sprinkle adventure better get those sprinkles on ASAP if you want to use them, do not wait until the caramel is too cool because then you are setting of a sprinkle bomb in your kitchen and will be finding sprinkles until Easter.  I would know.



  1. Hint... if the melon baller makes you use bad words... use an apple slicer- you know the one that cores it as well, and just skewer the slices, and dip. Works just as well, and I think that the slices are better portion control. But good job! They look great!

    1. Thanks Treva :) I was going for pre-dipped apples that could be sprinkle coated and look all cute on the table. I suppose I half succeeded, but more had a good laugh at myself - which I think is important for everyone to do on occasion. :)