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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Severed hands, puking peppers, and creepy spiders - oh my!

Well, I was laying in bed last night and I suddenly realized that I had nothing fun planned for Halloween dinner.  I always slightly envy those families that have all those fun traditions on holidays and then I realized that if I want a tradition, I need to start one!  Well, here's my first attempt at a traditional Halloween Dinner. :)

Does it bother anyone else that the pictures in the link only have 6 legs? I mean it's a spider people! I also got to use my zucchini relish juice to make these and Oh My Goodness are they good!!

Main Meal:
 These are going to be my new go to breadsticks! WOW!!!

We just had meatloaf last week but I wanted to do this so badly, so I decided to make a sloppy joe loaf. haha. Also, I didn't have a hand mold just laying around, so I broke out my obviously well used sculpting skills. haha

Yay for the spaghetti that survived left over night and for the reclaimed free green peppers, they aren't orange, but who cares? I
 I wanted to do these stuffed roaches, but I figured the apples plus candy would be more than we could eat and I figured, I'd leave something fun for next year. :)  

I can't believe that for all my procrastination, this came together so quickly.  I had the eggs and the hand done before Te-Man woke up this morning and then did the bones and the caramel apples during his nap and the peppers during his lunch.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. You are so talented! Looks like a fun dinner..we had boring ole' pizza :)

    1. Thanks Erin - you're very talented yourself!! There's no such thing as boring pizza - did it come from Napoli's? Oooo, I miss their pizza! Think they'd deliver here? :) haha