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Friday, October 12, 2012

Te-Man Is Down but Not Out!

So the plan today was to start the day with a quick trip to Te-Man's Dr to nip this cough in the bud and then a quick trip to Sam's (if there is such a thing), followed by a day in the kitchen with my side-kick helping me make jellies and even some beet cookies!

Turns out the day had other plans!  The quick trip to the Dr turned into a 2 hour appointment followed by a chest X-ray (Te-Man did AMAZING!!) and then almost World War III with the pharmacy over their incompetency to submit medication for patients with Tricare.  Once I finally made it home with 3 prescriptions in hand, Te-Man and I spent the day watching movies and napping (him, not me).  He is a much bigger fan of Finding Nemo than of Horton hears a Who (as am I).  Once Ze-ra made it home from school, she joined the movie watching dog pile.

Thankfully, the X-ray was clear, but the Dr wants to add a 4th prescription to the ammo pile.  My amazing Wolverine has agreed to pick it up on his way home so as to not interrupt the cinema experience we have going on here. :)

Does anyone else fight the intense urge to explain yourself to the pizza delivery guy? haha

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