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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Look out Vampires!

I planted 130 cloves of garlic today!   :)  3 1/2 rows of Silver Rose and 4 1/2 rows of Inchelium Red.  I am so excited to see those little green sprigs pop through the dirt - it's a little embarrassing.  I also got some paint stir sticks to spray pain black and then use as row markers.  But I felt guilty asking the paint guy at Home Depot for 80 sticks (since my garden is very long and narrow and most of the rows will only be about 7 feet long, I'll have a lot of rows!) so I bought some 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 6' pieces of wood to cut into 8" pieces that I'll then also paint.  I won't have enough, but I'll hit up a few different paint departments and then I should be covered ;)

I also ventured into hamburger bun making today.  I made this Recipe ......twice.  First time around I made 12 buns as listed in the recipe and they came out beautifully!

They where, however, dollar roll size and weren't really going to work for the burgers I'd planned for dinner.  So I made a second batch and this time only made 8.  They were still light and delicious and now appropriately sized, but they were no longer their beautiful round perfect almost pre-split selves...we'll see what round 3 will bring, but first we need to eat all these rolls! I haven't heard a single grumble from the Z- squad, so I think we'll manage to slog through this trial in our lives.  hahaha.  I haven't even told you about the artisan bread I made today - we haven't tried it yet but I'm sure a review will follow.

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