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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So that apple a day....did not keep us away from the ER :(

Well, another day spent in the Dr's office and the ER.  Yuck.

Poor Te-Man woke up this morning and his jaw/cheeks were horribly swollen. :(

So, off to ER we went - where they pretty much threw their hands up and said "dunno".  No fever, no rash, no redness, no sign of pain, no other lymph node swelling, so it might be from the steroids he was on for his bronchiolitis.  We weren't convinced and felt that they might be missing us at the Dr's office, and luckily they could squeeze us in.

Dr. M says she agrees that it is doubtful such a small amount of steroid would cause this swelling after only 5 days using it and a full 24 hours since his last dose.  Could be a kidney issue or a bite of some kind.  Can't do much about a bite, if that's what it is, and there were no signs of an actual bite or where the swelling started.  We can check kidneys however, and she must think I don't have enough adventure in my life because she expects me to get a 14 month old to pee into a bag.  Really?  This should be interesting!

So - we are sitting tight, hoping to catch some pee, and monitoring his face to see if it gets worse.

After all of this, it sure if a good thing we are headed to TN this weekend to see Super Mom and Super Dad because we all need a break.

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