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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Will the Land of Honey ever become the Land of Plenty?

 Because right now, it is the land of sandy, patchy, weeds.

 Stylin', right?

I thought maybe you'd like to see the sad little patch of dirt I am calling a garden.  In my defense, we moved here to NC in late August and I didn't get the ground tilled until mid September (I know...I was dragging my feet).  I then decided, hey....let's plant some stuff and see what happens!  I brought a few packets of seeds with me, because...well...I'm a hoarder. :)  The rest of the seeds/seedlings were a little hard to find.  I had to go to 3 different places and that was after I'd made about 4 phone calls.
You can't catch me!!! 

I finally found a small little shop called New Hope Greenhouse.  They have their shop behind their house and it is beautiful.  I showed up on a Sunday...before Noon! Where are my Southern Manners?  Well, they are a work in progress.  Anyway, they were as nice as they could be!  After stopping what they were doing, they showed me around the shop (in the rain) and informed me they had already packed up their seeds for the fall.  But if I'd help dig out the boxes, I could see what they had.  So, we found them on top of an old fridge and I got to digging.  After I'd found about 10 seed packets I wanted - I was informed they were going to be FREE since he wouldn't be able to sell them in the spring anyway.  Heck yeah!


So, after getting some composted manure, some newspaper, some straw, and a soil testing kit from our local extension office, I got to work.  Then, we had a monsoon!  I mean it literally rained non stop for 5 days. :(  I was sure my little seedy babies had floated away.  I am happy to report that I was in fact wrong - well, and a little right.  I had an amazing germination rate!!!  But, I definitely did plant everything in rows....however, they did not necessarily stay there. :)  That's ok, my OCD can handle the chaos since my tummy will be enjoying the benefits. :)

Seeds I planted:
Carrots - free
Spinach - clearance $0.30
Collards - clearance $0.30
Sugar Peas - clearance $0.30
Radishes - free
Lettuce  - clearance $0.30
Beets  - free
Kale  - clearance $0.30
Seedlings I planted:
Broccoli - $2.00
Cabbage - $2.00

Early October, the amazing Aunt P sent me a million Egyptian Walking Onions.  **side note: I can not believe how much these are selling for.  Aunt P should start selling these bad boys- or maybe even I should - and we'd be rich!   I mean she sent me a small USPS box full and just for the 1/2 of them that I planted, I'd owe her over $200!**

Then, just last week, I planted 130 garlic cloves.


So...There's my little garden. And here are some pics of Te-Man stomping like an elephant through my veggies helping me in the yard. :)

Hopefully the Land of Honey will turn into a Land of Plenty! And... if it doesn't, Te-Man, Tiki, and I will still have a blast playing in the dirt. :)

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