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Monday, October 15, 2012

My "chickens" got the hook-up!

Produce Guy hooked my "chickens" up today!

12 Bags Lettuce
1 Bag Spinach/Arugula
2 Bags Cole Slaw Mix
1 Head Cabbage
2 Heads Green Leaf Lettuce
1 Head Romaine
1 Head Ice Berg
3 Artichokes
4 Cucumbers
4 Ears Corn
4 2lb packages Okra
3 Containers Alfalfa Sprouts
5 Carrots
1 Bunch Celery
2 Pablanos
5 Banana Peppers
1 Steam in bag bunch of Asparagus
2 Baby Yellow Squash
8 Jalapeno Peppers
1 3lb bowl Green Beans

WOW!!  I really need to get that second fridge - and pronto!

I definitely have plans for some of the food:

Alfalfa sprouts - going to make a few Jimmy John's veggie sandwiches
Cucumbers - cucumber salad
Artichokes and Spinach - going to give Pioneer Woman's dip a try
Green Beans - will join their cousins in my freezer
Celery - Lunch snacks for Ze-Ra
Carrots - Weelicious's Carrot Sticks
Corn - Corn and Tomato Salad
Cabbage - Cole Slaw

I better get my booty into the kitchen!

Anyone want to come over for dinner? :)

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