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Friday, October 5, 2012

Public Service Announcement

When Clear Care Triple Action Contact Solution states that you should NOT use this solution to rinse your contact, they are NOT kidding. 

Yesterday I accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle (yes I know the tip of the bottle is a bright warning red, but apparently in my haste to remove the boulder of debris from my contact I missed it).  My euphoric state at how impressed I was that the mascara just came right off without a fight was short lived.  The instant I put it in my eye - burning pain, hopping around, and cursing.   I used one hand to pry my eye lid open, despite it's insistent protests, and I used the other to peel the contact, turned torture device, from my eye.  I had just opened these contacts yesterday morning, so I of course had to get the contact into solution so it wouldn't dry out.  My eye is streaming tears and I can't see - which to Te-Man's delight meant he could empty the contents of an entire Q-tip box onto the bathroom floor.  So, the rest of my day was spent with tears pouring from my poor right eye and left me feeling like someone had shoved a cotton ball up under my eyelid.  Good thing I my entire purpose of wearing the contacts and getting a contact safe mascara was so I could look all pretty for a certain someone on our anniversary.  Hope he's into red-eyed monsters, because that's what he got!    

It is now 24 hours later and even after using about an entire bottle of normal contact solution to rinse my eye.... my eye is still bloodshot (though considerably less so than yesterday) and my eye lid is still puffy. :(  Why do I insist on learning everything the hard way?!

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