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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins and Patron....

FINALLY!  Yesterday we got around to carving some pumpkins. :)

I would like to pose the question of why on earth I am the one that has to scoop out the insides of these poor  squash?  Why then am I also the one to sift through the orange stringy brain mess to find the precious little kernels of tastiness?  AND then I am also the one to cook them?  But I digress.....
So, Ze-Ra had quite the accomplishment was the first time she carved her entire pumpkin by herself!!!  I was so proud of her - she didn't get upset or frustrated once!  YAY for patience!*

Wolverine took charge of carving the Te-Man's pumpkin )while I made us some pineapple juice and patron with orange slices- YUM).

I'm not sure if it was intentional, but Te-Man's favorite (out of the three he has seen) movie is Finding Nemo.  Doesn't the pumpkin look like the Marlin face the moonfish form?

Great Job Wolverine and Ze-Ra!

I'm trying something new with the pumpkin seeds - they are in the oven right now!  I'll post the results in a bit.  I need to get a pot of applesauce cooking first.

*Just for giggles, whenever Ze-Ra is being a little bit low on calm and patience, I always tell her that I have a pocket full of patience and she is welcome to have some.....she never takes me up on my offer.  I guess I should start using some of it myself. :P

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