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Thursday, October 4, 2012

What is Reclaimed Produce?

So...apparently I wasn't actually that motivated. Ha!

Let's give this another shot! Today is our anniversary - four years ago, we drove in the dark out to Lake Michigan, slipped hiked down a ridiculous hill/cliff and watched the sunrise over our wedding and the new beginning in our lives.  Would do it again this morning - only this time I might wear a jacket ;)

A few current adventures in the Land of Honey

1.  Sewing - I have been sewing diapers like a crazy person! I am starting to get excited, but I really just don't know how people sew all these cute diapers and don't keep one of each for their own babies!  Talk about will-power.  I will definitely be posting pics once I get a big enough stash sewn. Until then, I'll just keep up the suspense.

2. Reclaimed food - Thanks to Mavis over at I have started picking up "chicken scraps" a few days a week from a local grocery store.  I have already saved over $200 on produce and I've only been going for a little over 2 weeks.  It is astounding to me to think that all of that perfectly find food is being tossed because of a blemish.  Well, having gardened my whole life, I have eaten plenty of blemished foods and you will not find me turning my nose up at a spot on my green bean.  I have even been able to share this amazing blessing with a new friend!  Here a few photos.


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