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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Homemade Baby Wipe Spray

Have I ever told you that I'm a tight wad?  I LOVE to save money...I'm not a coupon clipping crazy...but I totally would be if they gave out the kinds of coupons I need.  I don't really buy a lot of boxed goods and those that I do are usually organic or some such weirdness that there are never coupons for I usually feel like searching for and finding coupons is more hassle than it's worth.  That doesn't stop me from saving money though!

Heck, just by cloth diapering Te-Man look at what we've saved:

Here is a chart I found on a diaper website and these numbers are for using the store brand diapers at Walmart, but that's not what we used when we had to use disposables (while we were figuring out where his rash was coming from), we were using Nature Baby Care Diapers which cost significantly more than Walmart Diapers.  I will use the numbers I found though, just because the point it proves, is staggering.
 Disposable Diapers

0-3 months
10-12 diapers/day
90 x 10 = 900
Size 1
3-12 months
8-10 diapers/day
270 x 8 = 2160
Size 3
12-30 months
7-8 diapers/day
540 x 7 = 3780
Size 5
Total number of diapers
Total Cost for Disposables

Add another $200.00 for disposable wipes for a total of $1751.60 for 30 months of disposable diapers and wipes. This is per child.

Also, think about the fact that those bad boys never truely biodegrade - almost 7000 diapers per baby born in the USA?!

Alright, but this isn't about environmental issues, this is about my wallet.  So, when Te-Man was still incubating, we purchased a cloth diaper package for $300.  I have since sold these diapers to another Cloth Diaper user because I got a crazy hair brained idea to make my own, but I wouldn't have needed to, the diapers would have been more than enough to last until Te-Man is potty-trained.

Also, I didn't want to buy wipes, so I took a bunch of old T-shirts and some clearance fleece from the fabric store, cut them into squares, and wipped up a bunch of wipes - all in all, cost me about $10.

So I spent $310 and disposable wearing babies spend a minimum of $1700!  And my diapers can be used on multiple children.  Think about a family that has 3 kids, I figure they'd probably purchase a few extra diapers because each kid needs a few new ones to "feel special" so a cloth diapering family would spend $400 and a disposable wearing family would spend $6800....WHAT?!

Did you survive the tangent?  Let's get back to the homemade spray....we all know baby wipes are what am I going to use for the solution....oh... I'll make my own.  ;)

Homemade Baby Wipe Spray

What's In It:
25oz Water
1 T Dr. Bronner's Soap*
1/4 c olive oil
1 lrg spray bottle

What To Do With It:
Add water to spray bottle - if it has a measured mark for 25oz that's great, if not, just add 3 cups of water.

Add in soap and olive oil.  

Give her a shake and you're all set.  

*Can also use 1/4 c baby soap

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