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Monday, December 3, 2012

Thank you USO

Saturday evening we were given the opportunity, by the ever generous folks at the USO, to go to the ACC Championship game.  Florida State vs Georgia Tech.  We had such a great time!  There were even a few surprises along the way.

Wolverine's Brother-In-Law is a HUGE Georgia Tech fan and he drove out from ATL to join us at the game! We all downed a tasty dinner of Brats, Kraut, and Mashed Potatoes and then headed out for Charlotte.  Traffic was completely reasonable - which was unexpected and yet AWESOME!
Parking was super reasonable and not very crowded.  As we're getting closer and closer we can hear some music - Little Big Town is doing a concert before the show.  I thought Ze-Ra was going to go ballistic!  She was so excited!

The game got underway and things were going great - well, not for Georgia Tech, but the kids were behaving really well and everyone was having fun!

Then....let's just say we had an interesting experience with Te-Man that involved the need to remove his onesie and overalls and use my jacket as pants.  Hahaha.  We decided we're going to keep that story in our backpocket for future use ;)
Te-Man made it almost until half time before he conked out.
Ze-Ra on the other hand, was going strong until 2am, no way was she not going to make it to the french fry party at 1:30! :)

I'd also like to mention that apparently Charlotte's city planners have it together.  There were people and cars everywhere but we were on the interstate moving at normal speed within 15 minutes of reaching our car....and we stayed until the very end.

We had such an awesome time!  We have been able to attend a few events thanks to the USO and it never ceases to amaze me that so many people contribute to making that possible all because of their gratitude for my husband, other service-members, and their sacrifices.  So, this morning, a HUGE THANK YOU is going out to the USO from the Land of Honey.

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