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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Package Presents

This year I decided I wanted to do something a little different for wrapping the presents.  I saw this on, wait for it....Pinterest! :) haha. Of course.  Well, I thought it was awesome and just had to find a way to do it myself. :)
Now, this was a project that I had grand plans for, then was ticked off that I'd gotten this far into it and met brick wall after brick wall, wanted to quit, got pretty irritated, pushed through, and was THRILLED with the results.  Just goes to show ya that the Super Parents knew what they were doing when they taught me to finish what I started.  Great job guys and Thank You!  :)
There are plenty of vintage stamps available for purchase on Etsy or Ebay, but when you're a procrastinator like I am, that might not always be a viable option.  Instead, you have to go to google images, do some image hunting, dress them up in your favorite photo editor program, print them out on some fancy shmancy sticker paper, and put your paper cuter to work! Sometimes you just gotta take things into your own hands. :)
 As for the red and white striped twine - I went to six - SIX - stores to find it and was still empty handed.... well, I gave up and settled on the red and white ribbon.  I'm still a little disappointed that I never did get the twine.
I'm also a little disappointed that I didn't get the postage stamp stamp.  I looked at only 4 different stores for that one.  I wasn't even able to find a blank one online - I did find a bunch that had the north pole on them, but I'm not on the presents are from Santa wagon, so I decided to just use a different type of "to/from" sticker.   I found the one I used here - Vintage Shipping Label.
My goal was also to use freecycled paper bags - I thought, what a great way to reuse those paper bags!  But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) not many people have paper bags these days.  So instead, I headed over to Aldi and picked up some there for five cents each. Couple that with the half price ribbon, all in all, I spent about $8 on all of my wrapping paper supplies this year.  Not too bad when you think about how pricey that fancy wrapping paper is. :)

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