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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I need a garden gnome....

He should be in charge of showing off the garden once a week.  I think I'm adding it to my list...maybe we'll hit up a flea market or a yard sale this weekend and adopt one. I think I'd name him Gilly and maybe he'd help me turn this sandy, nutrient void, dessert into a garden! :)

At this point I'm thinking we're going to get some kale, onions, radishes, cilantro, and maybe some beets this year.  The rest of the onions and the garlic will wait til next year.  Everything else will probably end up being some fun organic matter to till into the soil. :)

Here are this week's pictures brought to you by future Gilly the Garden Gnome.
 Started from Seed

Purchased Seedling
NOT in rows....and not thinned completely yet either.  I figure I'll eat it as a I thin it. :)
Cabbage (with a peak at the broccoli and peas)
Collard Greens
I'll just say it, 'cause we're all thinkin' in....pathetic.
See collard comment.
There are tons of these little sprouts!!!! I wonder if I should cover them with straw once it gets chilly....
We need about 12 of these plants to keep up with our cilantro addiction.  This guy will be coming inside in a week or two. 
I LOVE gardening!

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