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Monday, January 7, 2013

Attack of the spices!!!

My spice cabinet has exploded and is threatening to take over my entire kitchen!!!

Seriously - we are having clean-a-gedden here at the Hive this month.  The coat closet that was over-flowing onto the arm chair is beautiful - even organized by person - there's even space for extra hangers in case a visitor would actually like to hang up a coat!

Yesterday I organized the cabinets, but wouldn't touch the spices.  That is today's project - anyone have any procrastination ideas? hahaha

Or maybe an organization tip?  I'm thinking about just doing alphabetical order....but then I was also thinking about doing baking/cooking sections....but then what do you do with the ones that overlap?

I'm gonna go take Te-Man and Roland on a long walk and pretend the kitchen fairies will take care of this for me.

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