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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pickled Beets - Challenge 2013 Recipe #3

Wanna know a secret?  Until I made these beets, I had never had a pickled beet before.
The whole idea just is not at all appealing to me.  But, as I've said quite a few times on here - I LOVE being wrong, especially about food - especially beautiful jewel toned, food.

These were super simple to make and I can't say that I'll be jumping at the chance to eat them everyday, they were SO MUCH BETTER than I thought they'd be.  I can actually see myself reaching for them occasionally.  ;)

DIY Test Kitchen Pickled Beets*

*I can't find a link to the recipe and I'm not comfortable posting recipes out of the cookbook online - so I'll keep checking back periodically and I'll update this post if I can find a link.

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