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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Orange Marmalade - Challenge 2013 Recipe #1

I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm not very techno-savvy.  I do not own an i-pod, I don't know how to use i-tunes, and I don't even have a single song on my phone....but days like marmalade making day last week.... I sure wish I did.  I wanted so badly to be blasting Lady Marmalade, twirling around my kitchen, singing into a spoon....all while I was cooking away in the kitchen! :)
I was a little nervous about making my first recipe from my challenge, but I decided to just jump on in and my my my....the water is fine and delicious to boot! 

I followed the recipe exactly (that's part of the Challenge 2013 right?) and this stuff is seriously good!  The first and last time I had orange marmalade I was 18 and it was in one of those tiny little jars at a was terrible.  I can honestly say that if not for this challenge, I would not have even thought of trying it again.  I can't believe I've been missing out on this my whole life! 

I hope the rest of the recipes come out this great because this was a heck of a way to start off the Challenge! :) 


  1. Do you have the recipe for this? Or a link to the recipe? I am looking for a good orange marmalade recipe as I have about 3 dozen oranges in my fridge right now.

    1. I do! The link in the middle of the page that says DIY Test Kitchen Seville Orange Marmalade takes you straight to the DIY Test Kitchen's recipe on their website. :)