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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Made in America....yes please!

We love to shop for items that are Made in America - and when I stumbled across over a year ago in the Dollar Tree, I almost flipped my lid (no pun intended).

These containers are BPA free and Made in America!  They come in three different sizes (8 cups, 12 cups, and 1 gallon) and in both opaque and clear.  They have a "handle" that allows for easy pouring.  We use them for so many things!

I use them in our camper for pancake "mix", flour, sugar, etc. I use them to store dog food in small batches in the house instead of a huge bag, I use them for all of Te-Man's crackers, I use them for homemade apple juice in the fridge, really the question is what do I not use them for?

These stand up to Te-Man "helping" load and unload the cabinets all day and I just thought I'd pass along my stellar find in case you were looking for a super cheap, durable, storage option. :)

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