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Monday, November 5, 2012

Early Thanksgiving was AMAZING!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day that was spent outside and in the kitchen.  We watered the garden, had the windows open, played with the wagon and some fetch with the dog, raked some leaves for the compost, and I even mowed the front yard - it's November and I had the windows open and mowed the yard.  This sure is a change of pace from the frozen Tundra. But we are definitely enjoying it. :)

Looking at that picture, I sure do wish I'd put that cranberry sauce into a prettier container....oh well.  Sometimes the practicality of not having extra dishes to wash wins out. ;)

Speaking of enjoying, we all loved Thanksgiving dinner.  Ze-Ra said grace for us and then we all dug in.  Some of us even wore our dinner ;)
I'll be sure to get recipes posted for the various scrumptious components as soon as I can...well, if I can stop eating them long enough to type ;)

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