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Monday, November 26, 2012

Welcome Back!

Wow! What a vacation - almost 5 days :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting family and friends and then we came home to some GREAT football games and we even cut down and decorated our tree - my fingers are still pink from stringing so many cranberries!  Thanks to some amazing coupon codes and deals, I picked up $450 worth of clothes for the kids from Children's Place yesterday, for $200!  Te-Man is set for clothes until he needs 4T! :)

Will definitely be getting some pictures posted around the various activities we have going on today.  It's another Mexican Monday, a cracker day, a laundry day, there are presents to wrap, a wreath to make, and unless I find enough ways to procrastinate, there are about 10 pumpkins in the front yard that need to find their way to my trash, but they have to make a pit stop in my kitchen so I can harvest some seeds first. :P

Oh...and I need to see if I can find any deals on sewing scissors...mine have officially bit the dust and I'm on a sewing strike until I get more.

What a day!  Anyone else have any big plans today?

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