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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I knew this day would come....

We are on our last roll of dog waste bags.  

We have a dog.  We live in town.  Therefore, we have all been relegated to poop-picker-uppers.  It's one of those things that always makes you think....what would someone from another planet think - watching us follow behind these four legged animals with this odd tether between us...I mean who is walking who...and we are cleaning up their excrement.  :)

So, because we must clean up after our dog, we must use doggie bags.  The biologist in me can not use regular bags - thinking about all of those little bags of waste sitting like horrible colored sprinkles in a landfill makes me so sad.  That means we were paying something insane like $8 for a 4-5 pack of rolls of biodegradable dog bags at Petsmart or PetCo.  I was angry every time I purchased a package, which seemed to be once a month! 

Then......I found these biodegradable dog bags.  WHOA! 2200 bags - that's crazy!  Yes, yes it is.  We purchased the first box over 2 years ago - which means we have moved this box 3 times!!  The way I see it, going the old route would have cost me at least $200 for a 2 year supply, but going through Amazon, we only spent $50.  

Oh, you'd like to put $150 in my pocket....sure I think I can deal with that ;)

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