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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Piping is for pansies

I mean, when you can make floor cushions this cute, who needs it?!
Check out these cute floor cushions from Living With Punks.

I didn't have any piping, but figured if my goal was to use up some of the ridiculous amount of fabric that my poor shelves (and desk and bunny table and laundry basket and 2 boxes in the garage) are overflowing with, then going to the store to buy piping was the opposite of that plan because we all know that I can't get within a mile of a fabric store without coming home with a trunk full.
So, I followed her directions pretty closely (minus the piping of course).  The only changes I made were to sew the handle on right away.  I also pinned the top and bottom to the side piece all at once and then had all the pinning done and could sew sew sew!
Te-Man was asleep when Wolverine and I stuffed them and then stitched them shut.  So, they haven't been baby tested, but I can testify that they do make some pretty great footstools! :)
Make one!
Or 10...that's my plan anyway...I want to make the kids a reading nook and figured a bunch of these in different sizes would be awesome!

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