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Friday, November 2, 2012

We're having E.T. for dinner on Sunday?!

The Land of Honey is celebrating Early Thanksgiving - this Sunday in fact! WOO HOO!  I have a ton of new recipes that I am so excited to try out and what better way than to have a trial run. :)  

What's on the Menu?
Roasted Pork Loin

Now, a trial run implies that you would be making it again right?  Well in order to do that you'd need enough of everything to do so....uh oh. I only had 1 jarrahdale pumpkin from the Super Parents, and the Pumpkin Farm I went to a few weeks back only had one and it was for the display. :(   I also only have one pork loin but I'm not fretting that one...I could always use my trusty Turkey recipe the second time if need be - hopefully we won't blow up any pyrex this time ;) 

Fast forward to today - I left early for picking up Ze-Ra from Girls On The Run because I had a few errands to run....well, you know me and I'm perpetually done early - 25 minutes early in fact.  What's a girl to do? Run to the Pumpkin Farm to get more candy roasters, that's what.  :)  Well, unfortunately, no candy roasters, but they had some other amazing finds.  
 4 huge pumpkins for $10 sounds like a great deal to me! 

Do you see what I see?!  A jarrahdale!!!!  It's the one from the display and it's more than twice the size of the one I already had. I was such a happy girl!

Then, you see the pretty one in the front - that is a fairyland pumpkin that is supposedly good for cooking.  It should be less sweet than the candy roaster and should be good for more savory dishes - I'm thinking a soup perhaps. 

Finally....what are those crazy bumpy ones?  They look like they have some kind of terrible disease....
They are peanut pumpkins! And they totally look like someone crushed up peanut shells and glued them to the's crazy.  The super sweet Pumpkin Farm lady told me that she doesn't really cook with pumpkins, but her brother fact, he "cooks with them a lot, and he knows pumpkins.  He swears by these peanut pumpkins here".  Well, as much as I am in love with the candy roaster, we'll see how these bad boys pass the test :)

Notice the pork loin in the menu list isn't a link....anyone have any recipes they love and think I can't live without?  I have one, but it isn't really a Thanksgiving flavor.  

No promises on the time frame for posting E.T., I might be in a food coma. ;)  

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