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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Injury or Death Possible

Saturday morning went like this.....

So what'd'you wanna do today?  Wanna go to the zoo like we talked about? Hmmm, maybe we should go on a hike instead, going to Zoos make me so sad for the animals. We'll see.....didn't you say there was a zoo in Charlotte Oh, I never looked at the actual city, I just typed in Charlotte, NC Zoo. Oh, it's not in Charlotte.  Hiking it is. 

And since we're going on a spur of the moment hike, why not head out to Crowders Mountain State Park.  It's less than 20 min from the house and it's beautiful!  Which trail should we hike?  Oh, definitely a 4+ mile trail marked strenuous would be best and absolutely the one with a sign like this:

The pictures will speak for themselves...Te-Man almost made it all the way to the top before he fell asleep.  That's alright though, he woke up before we were finished with our picnic lunch, so he still got to enjoy the view.
 Just getting started

 Ze-Ra on the Rocks

The boys! 

Why are you taking my picture?

You know I won't smile.....haha


Te-Man almost made it!



 Could see Charlotte just on the horizon

 Ze-Ra exploring

Livin' on the Edge

My mountain goats!!

We will most definitely be going back soon!

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