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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh Martha....You Did It Again

I have a love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart.  Part of me is in constant awe of her kick a** ideas and recipes!  Then another part of me feels like she's a sell out and now has an army of people working for her and anyone with enough money can surround themselves with creative people.  I actually like her more now after her financial scandal....I tend to be someone that doesn't like something just because so many other people do.  It's crazy, I know...I think I was a rebel or a revolutionist in all of my past lives.  :)

Regardless of what I think, I know these pancakes were phenomenal! They are actually more like little mini souffles.  It's like eating air...delicious, slightly sweet, amazing air.

I had a huge tub of cottage cheese in the fridge from Sam's, why do I buy that stuff?  The only way I eat it is with tomatoes and now that tomatoes in the stores are all little fake imitation tomatoes - I'm not interested. Anyway, I needed breakfast, I needed to use up cottage cheese, I needed a change from the boring breakfast routine around here.  TA DA!

Martha's Cottage Cheese Pancakes
What's In It:
6 eggs, separated
Pinch cream of tartar
2 c cottage cheese
1/4 c sugar
2/3 c flour
1/4 t salt
1/2 t cinnamon

What To Do With It:
Beat egg whites until foamy.  Add pinch of tartar and whip until stiff glossy peaks form.  
Heat skillet or griddle over medium high heat.
While the egg whites are whipping, combine cheese and yolks.
Combine remaining ingredients.
When whites are ready, combine cheese mixture with flour mixture.  Fold in egg whites by hand in 3 batches.
Cook pancakes in 1/4 c portions on greased skillet or griddle.  Allow to cook thoroughly on first side before flipping.  
Serve with honey, syrup, powdered sugar, fresh berries, etc.  

Next time I'm going to go lemon with these and serve with blueberry syrup.  I might just die right there at the table. ;) 

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