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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Look at those pasty legs!

Yesterday just wan't busy enough, so I decided that after I sewed elastic channels into 16 diapers I needed to work on another sewing project.  How about making 3 skirts? Yeah...that sounds about right! :)
Please excuse the random blankets on the floor....and yes, we were drinking mimosas out of wine glasses.  HaHa...

I'm not sure how many of you purchase fabric, but I am notorious for getting a fabric that will be perfect for one specific project.  Usually it turns out that I either find a more perfect fabric or the project gets changed/scrapped etc.  Both of these fabrics were originally for something else that has since fallen through, but I could never seem to find a project worthy of them....finally, I just went for it. 
One for Ze-Ra

I used this tutorial over at Mercy's Mom. She does a fantastic job of clearly explaining step by step!

And a matching one, with a horrible picture, for me. :)

Overall, I'm pretty happy. I can't wait to wear the black/red one with a pair of black stockings and some boots. :)